Samurai Duel App revisa

Cool App

Fun game, would be cool if you could use Bluetooth linking so you could use two devices!

Retina Display

I really enjoy it with my cousins. Please update with retina display. Keep it up!

Samurai Duel

This game is a classic. A family favorite.

Quality piece of art

Simple game, but the art and music is lovely, keeping it as a piece of art!

Does nothing

You trace the line with your finger and nothing happens. Stupid game. Don't waste your time.

Beautiful Design; Simple, Addictive, and Fun

Love the art, design, and music. Introduced this to my young son and he picked it up quickly, bringing great honor to my family name.

God game

This is a good game

Fun little game

The art is spectacular. The play a little simplistic. I'd prefer if I could attack with my choice of weapons to give this a little more strategy rather than just being based on speed. But it's the beginning of the app and it'll be interesting to see how it fleshes out.

Crazy Addictive!

Fruit Ninja, meet Samurai Duel, you'll be no match for my Daito Blade!!! But seriously, this game is crazy addictive, simple to play, and the music makes each battle seem epic... I will now be using this app to settle all future disputes. Prepare to be disgraced!

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